1.9.23 - How to incorporate movement in your 2023 routine

The turning of the calendar is exciting and often creates a desire to clean up our routines and incorporate healthy habits into our busy lifestyles.  While the optimism of an improved quality of life is uplifting, it is often coupled with a sense of being overwhelmed as people’s lifestyles can be overbooked.  At Sprint Bike, one of our guiding principles is that exercise means different things for different people and that a 60 minute workout 4 days/week isn't always realistic.  What we believe is that individuals can make small changes day to day that create significant improvements in the health of that individual.   Examples include; parking at the far end of a parking lot to increase the distance & amount of steps you are required to take to reach your destination.  Including physical activity when interacting with the children in your life, like a game of tag or wrestling or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.  

While you wait 

  • While an hour at the gym might seem impossible with your busy holiday schedule, squeezing in a ‘quick sprint’ while your coffee brews.

Time back in your calendar?

  • Finding a 15 minute window for ‘the core’ workout between meetings and or prior to bedtime is an efficient way to squeeze in your daily movement.

Early wakeup

  • Set the alarm clock 30 mins early on a Friday or Sunday AM and tee up a ‘set a pace’.  Monica prefers tuning into a Netflix series, while I tend to lean towards an NFL or MLB podcast. 

De-stress Strategy - take advantage!

  • Upcoming presentation to an executive team or a weekend with your in-laws?  The ‘full sprint’ will increase the feel good neurotransmitters in your brain, increasing clarity and reducing stress when you embark on your high stress endeavor.

Book ahead

Block an hour in your calendar for a full body workout and kickstart the routine with a round of our ‘warm up’.