Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do you deliver?

We currently deliver throughout Alberta, British Columbia, southern Ontario & Quebec.  Please inquire via email with any shipping questions you have.  

Q: How big is the bike?

Dimensions L 50” x W 23” x H 53”

If you are trying to envision where in your space the Sprint Bike might live.. It’s width fits within a yoga mat and it’s about 20” shorter in length than the average yoga mat

Q: How difficult is the bike to move?

The bike weighs 100lbs.  It is relatively easy to move - lift by the frame and tilt the bike on the front wheels.  

Q: Why are Air Bikes any better than Spin Bikes?

With the arm and leg components of the Air Bike, the user’s heart rate elevates much more quickly than it does on a Spin Bike - where only the legs are required

Q: What maintenance is required for the bikes?

Sprint Bikes come with a water bottle holder, adjustable seat and are powered by a belt drive.  Other than ensuring that your bolts are tightly fastened, there is essentially no maintenance required.