About Us

At Sprint Bike we believe in two things: that fitness should be inclusive for all and physical activity is imperative to our mental and physical well-being. Built on these two pillars, Sprint Bike was born. 

We are champions for people who see the word 'fitness' 'crossfit' or 'heart rate' and immediately feel left out. Fitness and healthy lifestyles are not genre specific. Fitness is for anyone that wants to feel better and improve their health in whatever form that may take. 

Regardless of fitness goals, there should be a period in the day where we are pushing ourselves in some physical capacity, feeling lactic acid in our legs, working our lungs -- by pushing ourselves we are greatly improving our cognitive health.

It doesn't matter where you come from. It doesn't matter where you are in your fitness journey.  What matters is that you allow yourself the opportunity to feel better.

Welcome to the community!